Brighter and Smoother Skin.
you’ll be left with brighter, smoother skin and clearer pores.
Contains Papaya extract

A peel-off mask can give you a more youthful look by reducing the appearance of pore size and boosting your skin’s complexion. If you make a peel-off mask part of your weekly routine, they can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
We all want glowing, dewy skin, but grease and shine is absolutely not the look we are going for. If you have oily or combination skin, a peel-off mask can be beneficial. It can absorb access oil from your skin while simultaneously unclogging your pores, leaving you with your natural matte.



Ingredients :
Water , Polyvinyl Alcohol , ALCOHOL , Carica papaya , Glycerin , Dipropylene Glycol , COCOS NUCIFERA (COCONUT) OIL
Perfume , Titanium dioxide , PEG-40hydrogeneted caster oil , Methyl paraben , Butyl paraben

How to use :
Use a hair band etc. to make the face line so that the pack does not stick to the hair.

(1)Take a Face Mask

Take a face mask and Cheeks → Forehead → Chin → Nose The point is to apply it from the part that dries slowly. Be careful to avoid the lips, around the eyes, eyebrows, and hairline. It’s okay. Instead of repainting the part that was once applied, we will continue to spread it to new places.

(2)Smooth the whole

Finally smooth the entire face.
Let’s wait about 15 to 20 minutes until it dries.

(3)Peel off when dry

If it’s not sticky, it’s proof of dryness. Peel down from the hairline of the forehead. If it remains on your skin, wipe it off with a cotton soaked in lotion.

※It’s easy to dry after wearing a face mask, so don’t forget to moisturize with plenty of lotion and protect your skin with cream.

Usage Note :

Usage Note :
■ do not apply when your skin has any trouble such as eczema and injury,if your skin shows any trouble during or after use,
stop using the product and consult dermatology doctor
■ do not eat the product
■ store in dry and cool place
■ do not use the product close fire
■ keep away of reach of children
■ do not put eyes and mouth
■ stop use the product when you feel unwell from aromatic
■ for face and body only
■ once open, use up the product before long
■ it may change a label and package without notice