about Alam Zempol
Alam Zempol is located at a small village in Eastern Bali.
We produce natural bath and aroma products all hand-made.
Here, we are pleased to introduce Alam Zempol.
It will be our greatest pressure if you understand and enjoy our products.
Alam Zempol`s concept
Escape to relaxation
Relax and Restore your body…

Release yourself from daily tension.
It is our pleasure if we can help you to relax for a while during your busy life.

What we care

1.All Hand-made!

Not only Alam Zempol’s products, all the tools such as soap and bath bomb molds are hand-made by our own staff here.
By doing so, all of us can take good care of our tools, and can be proud of our products.All our time and energy, together with our ideas, are crystallized in Alam Zempol products

2.Made in Bali, the tropical paradise!

Bali, the island of Gods or healing paradise, are also rich in natural resources.
The ingredients of the Alam Zempol products are also mostly Indonesian products.
Coconuts oil, palm oil, pure essential oil, organic herb and sea salt are some of them.
Enjoy the gift of nature and relax as if your are in the tropical resort.

3.Genuine Quality Control!

What we care besides hand-made is quality of the products.
Before releasing a new product, we repeat many trials until it is confirmed for its safety and effects.
We also work with specialist of this field, and try to keep improving our products.

4.Contribution to Local Community!

Alam Zempol Factory is located in the Eastern part of Bali, where is rather quiet compare to other famous tourist destinations.
In the aim to support the village, we are trying to get as much ingredients as possible from neighboring places.
Also, all of our factory staff are the villagers.

5. Name Origin

“Alam” means “nature” in Indonesian.
“Zempol” is name of a flower originally habitat in our village.

Zempol flowers are used to spread at the water’s edge,
but it is quite difficult to find one in these years.
That is why the Zempol is sometimes called a phantom flower now.
However, the name “Zempol” is still loved among the villagers,
and used quite often as group, place and shop names.

Company profile

Company NameCV Alam Zempol Natural Bath & Aroma Product
Director I GEDE RAI
AddressAlamat : Banjar Dinas Karangasem ,Desa Sengkidu,Kecamatan Manggis,Kabupaten Karangasem
Provinsi : Bali
Kabupaten/Kota : Kab Karangasem
Negara/Country : Indonesia
Kode Pos : 80871
TEL +62 363 41283
M-phone +62 81 2 3885865
EstabilishedJanuary, 2009
DutiesPlanning, developing, produce and sales of bathing and aroma pruducts
ProductsSoaps, Massage Oils, Bath Powders, Bath Liquids,
Aroma Perfumes, Aroma Oils, Aromatics, etc
Mailinfo@alamzempol.com(EN/IND) asa@alamzempol.com(JP)