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(near the CANDIDASA)
jl.Mendira Manggis Karangasem Bali Indonesia
post code : 80871 tel / fax +62 363 41283
M-phone (english / indonesia) : +62 81 2388 5865
M-phone (Japanese) : +62 81 2392 0694

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: Am8:00~Pm6:00
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Floral water face Cream


Description :
Deeply soaking facial cream combine floral water

this product for face only.
it is nurturing and nourishing cream combine organic floral water.
relaxing and soothing from herb aroma floral water has a very small amount of essential oil in it.
essential oil is unusable to skin, but floral water is possible to apply it to skin directly.

How to use
apply a small amount of facial cream to clean, freshly washed face.
use daily

item :
■rose water:moisturizing and hydrating
■lavender water:moisturizing and astringent
■chamomile water:hydrating and anti-allergic

Size :


ingredient : 
water floral water PEG-40hydrogenated Castrol oil (acryloyldimethyl-taurate/VP)copolymer  glycerin  
ethyl alcohol  polysorbate85   mineral oil perfume  methyl paraben  buthyl paraben


Usage Note :
■do not apply when your skin has any trouble such as eczema and injury, if your skin shows any trouble during or after use,
stop using the product and consult dermatology doctor
■do not eat the product
■store in cool and dry place
■keep away from fire                                                                                                         
■keep away of reach of children
■do not put the product into eyes and mouth
■stop use the product when you feel unwell from aromatic
■for facial cream only
■once use, use up the product before long
■it may change a label and package without notice


Rose cream
Rose water :

Rose water has a very small amount of rose essential oil. Elegant rose aromatic facial cream helps promote nurturing and moisturizing.

For all kind of skin type
Kananga oil perfume


Lavender cream
Lavender water:

Lavender floral water helps control oily balance, smooth-skinned, anti-pimple, shining skin
lavender oil teatree oil



Chamomile cream
Chamomile water :

Chamomile floral water for dry and sensitive skin.
anti-pimple, anti-allergic.

grapefruit oil perfume


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